Why should you choose Morocco for your next holiday destination?

Are you still wondering which country you should visit for your next holiday, here’s the answer ; it’s a country in the North of Africa known for its diversity and welcoming people. Yes, it’s Morocco.

Morocco is a well known destination for different tourists from all over the world. This country has one of the most strategic geographical location. Apart from overlooking Europe, it’s open on the Atlantic ocean and the American continent.

Morocco has a lot of tourist attractions whether you’re on business trip or on a leisure trip, Morocco will surely meet your expectations.

So here are 5 first reasons to choose Morocco for your next holiday :

300 days a year of sunshine

If you’re a sun lover, Morocco has more 300 days of sunshine a year. You can travel to our destination the whole year. Whether you’re coming in January or in June, you still get to enjoy the sun with the different water attractions such as : Surf, wakeboard. Sunbathing may also be an activity especially in Agadir, the golden beach of Morocco.


Morocco has a huge diversity of cultures, with all different religions and races living in peace. This culture difference appears in moroccan clothing, weddings, food and languages. As most Moroccans may speak Moroccan arabic, but you’ll find people who speak Amazigh, Rifi and also Hassania. Also, here in Morocco, you won’t find any problem interacting with people as most of them speak English, French and Spanish. But at least try to learn this world “Chokran” which means Thank you in arabic.  

Moroccan people are very accepting of other culture and love to discover new things.


Moroccan cuisine is truly famous worldwide, with a large range of ingredients and good flavoring. Moroccans love to eat and experience new seasoning in their dishes. If you’re asking about the secret, most girls in Morocco learn how to cook in an early age to keep this culture going.

Once in Morocco, you should try the mint tea in a sunset scenery.


Morocco actually has the highest mountain in North Africa, Toubkal Mountain. If you’re fan of trekking and hiking, Morocco has a lot of mountains in the south and the north that you might love it.

High Atlas Mountains near Marrakech is a well known destination for those looking for a nature and adventure experience. The Rif Mountains in the north don’t have high peaks such as the Atlas Mountains but they’re more loved for their waterfalls, forests and rivers.

A stable country

Before anyone wants to visit a country, he or she will ask whether the country is safe or not. So here’s the answer about Morocco. Fortunately Morocco is safe and stable country, ruled by the King Mohammed VI. But of course, you should exercise a normal level of caution while visiting, as in every other country.