Our Values


We were one of the first travel agents to organize tours in Morocco in 1974 for Scandinavian and British Tour Operators. 

Then we represented the main European Tour Operators offering hotels, excursions, transfers and tours for more than 30 years insuring a quality service through time at european standards.

Our revenue management team was created in 2004, adapting ourselves to the new online travel business, selling hotel rooms to the major Online Travel Agents in the world.

We are constant searching and developing new products for our clients in all areas of our beautiful Kingdom to show all its marvels and to help to create to employment opportunities for the locals.


Our Values

  • To satisfy our clients

  • To choose suppliers of very high quality

  • Quality,

  • Punctuality,

  • Customer service,

  • Availability

  • Be flexible and adapt to customer requests,

  • Advise our clients in their choices and guide them to find the best trip for them.